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About Us

Our Mission

You’ve spent years training in your area of professional expertise and at the end of your training you find yourself facing a new set of challenges that you are unprepared for — this website is our answer to this problem.

We developed this website as a forum to pass on the knowledge we have gained by experience on to those who will invariably face the same challenges.   We focus on lessons learned about personal finance, real estate, professional development and lifestyle.  We find that these areas have been completely ignored in professional training and suspect many others feel the same.

Who We Are

We are a group of four physicians writing under one name, Life Wise MD. While each of us has taken a unique path to the practice of medicine, we all have encountered many common challenges along the way. 

​The solutions to these challenges were often scattered across the internet — making them difficult to find and hard to trust.  As ambitious doctors, we couldn’t help but heavily research these topics, diving deep into the details, and sifting through resources to identify those that were the most pertinent to us.

​After spending hours scouring articles, reading through books, and speaking to experts — we realized this information should be passed forward to those in similar positions. This was the genesis of LifeWiseMD, a vehicle to pass on our knowledge in easily digestible articles written specifically for professionals across all industries facing the same challenges.

​We hope you find our posts useful to you, and as we continue to grow, we invite you to share our website with others as well.

5 Facts About The Team

  1. Our training and experience span 50+ combined years.
  2. We have completed our education and post-graduate training at top hospitals and institutions across the nation.
  3. We are all full-time physicians practicing in highly competitive metropolitan markets.
  4. While our primary focus is our patients, we are also passionate about helping future physicians and professionals succeed.
  5. We love feedback.  This website was made for you, the reader. Your constructive feedback and suggestions will help drive our content.

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